nick cutieeDrums For Development began in 2010 when founder, Nick Joyce, was living in West Africa. Feeling deeply connected to the people he had met, and having seen the negative side effects of common aid models (dependency, loss of cultural identity, breakdown of social structures, environmental degredation), he knew he needed to develop a different strategy. Positive development had to celebrate cultural diversity and creativity, support local community resilience, protect the environment, and have long-lasting positive impacts. Nick dedicated himself to the search for a solution to positive development. When Nick met Senam Tsogbe, a local Togolese man, he knew he had found the right partner for positive development.


SegoSenam, or Sego, is the founder of Centre des Hommes, a Togolese cooperative supporting sustainable community development through the arts. Centre des Hommes serves a crucial role in the community; maintaining and celebrating cultural traditions, intimately knowing and providing for community needs, protecting the environment, and having long-lasting impacts. They had found a way to meet all of the criteria for positive development and were funding it by doing what they loved, making music and art. Upon his return to the United States, Nick began importing and selling drums and artwork made by Centre des Hommes and sending the money back to support their work.


26457_402372462291_607212291_5002628_5048169_nIn the process of selling drums, Nick fell in love with drumming himself and began to see the incredible capacity of drumming to connect people. As he continued to build community through drumming, he realized the relevancy of Sego’s accomplishment at home: finding a way to provide for your community while doing what you love. Even in the United States, that is a challenge that few people take on. Having seen someone do it successfully in Africa, where just surviving the day is a very real challenge, Nick was inspired to do the same. It was then that Drums For Development transformed from being a non-profit to raise money for a group of artists in Africa to an organization accelerating positive development worldwide by connecting people through drumming.




Our Team

Nick Joyce

Founder, Certified Ecovillage & Permaculture DesignerFollow

Senam "Sego" Tsogbe

Togolese PartnerFollow

Cynthia Tina

Volunteer Manager & Permaculture DesignerFollow

Seth Reynolds

Community Development & Environmental ConsultantFollow




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