eventsDrums For Development holds range of both local and regional events to build community, encourage creativity, and celebrate global diversity. From Mindful Drumming Workshops to speaking engagements for fundraisers, we create engaging and educational programs for our participants.




Our offerings:


Speaking EngagementsStory is a powerful way to change the world and bring meaning into our lives. The story of Drums for Development is told through the voice of Nick Joyce, who spent a year living in West Africa and connecting with local artists there. Our speaking engagements bring together the themes of drumming, sustainable community development, ecovillages, traditional African arts, and travel adventure. It is a tale worth hearing.

Mindful Drumming Workshops – Mindful Drumming is a practice designed by Drums fro Development Founder, Nick Joyce, and taught to thousands throughout the US. This is a workshop to develop self-awareness, confidence, communication, and collaboration in a group. You will come into the present moment, learn basic djembe technique, play participatory drumming games, and end with an opportunity to share your experience, bringing the language of rhythm into the world of words. These workshops can range from a hour to full-day long event.

Drum Circle Facilitation – We have experienced djembe drummers ready to facilitate your drum circle gathering and provide drums for use! Whether you have a regularly meeting drum circle or want to add some African flare to your special event, our facilitators bring with them education, rhythm, and fun!

Drumming LessonsWe also offer private and group djembe drumming lessons for beginner to intermediate levels of drumming. Please contact us to schedule a lesson.




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