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Drums for Development supports a number of sustainable community development projects near the city of Kpalime in Togo, West Africa. Together with local partners, we are creating a “positive development model,” one that celebrates cultural diversity and creativity, supports local community resilience, protects the environment, and has long-lasting positive impacts.


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Currently, the main focus of our efforts in Togo is in a project we call InTerraTree. A locally-owned ecovillage and education center, InTerraTree is creating a thriving model for sustainable community development through cross-cultural creativity and collaboration. Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign we were able to purchase and begin designing 20-acres of tropical forest in southern Togo. Now we are seeking volunteers to join us at InTerraTree for the winter of 2015, to become immersed in the culture and natural beauty of Togo, as well as help us begin building InTerraTree from the ground up.

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Drums for Development works closely with our partner organization based in Togo, West Africa to carry out our sustainable development objectives. A local artist collective, Centre Des Hommes provides us with unique music and artwork. We sell their craft to a wider U.S. market, not only supporting the continuation of their cultural traditions, but sending money back to put directly into service projects in the local area. This is a truly positive development model that we hope to spread to other parts of the Global South as well.

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Centre Des Hommes

What began as a group of artists and musicians banding together and refusing to give up on living their dreams, Centre des Hommes is a grassroots artist collective gone nationally-recognized non-profiit community development organization, that funds community development through celebration of their traditional culture. 


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When confronted with the immediate challenges of everyday life in Africa, there isn’t much time for making dreams come true. The group of artists and musicians who came together under the banner of Centre des Hommes, however, refused to give up. By development projectsworking together, in mutual support and benefit, they overcame the daily challenges they faced and were able to build the lives they dreamed of. 

Led by Senam Tsogbe, Centre des Hommes opened a cooperative artisanal and music hut in their hometown of Kpalime, Togo in 2007. Through selling musical instruments and artwork they made to tourists, they were able to live doing what they loved. Rather than keeping the money they earned for themselves, they dedicated themselves to setting aside a percentage of all sales to complete sustainable community development projects. 

Centre des Hommes became a nationally recognized community development organization in 2009 and continues to complete sustainable development projects to meet the needs of their community. 

P1010404Drums For Development supports the mission of Centre des Hommes by selling their instruments and artwork in the United States and arranges regenerative voluntourism trips to Togo year round.
We are working with Centre Des Hommes to design and build InTerraTree in their hometown of Kpalime.

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