Sales Team
Drums for Development is now seeking passionate and outgoing individuals to become ¬†sales representatives on our team. This is a unique opportunity to earn money online or in your local community, while also supporting the livelihood of a traditional artist cooperative in Togo, West Africa. Here’s how it works…


Step 1

Complete a quick application form online. We will send you a confirmation email with promotional materials and a very special code. Each time this code is used by one of your referrals you will receive 30% of the total purchase.

Step 2

Begin promotion! Build a network of customers, being sure to have them use the code we provided you with in your confirmation email. You may also want to purchase some handcrafts yourself, to use as demonstration pieces or to sell in person.

Step 3

Every time a purchase is made using your code, we will send you 30% of the total checkout price, in your preferred method of payment. Feel good knowing your work is supporting sustainable community development projects in Togo, West Africa!


sales teamPassionate about our cause and want to earn money?

Join the Drums for Development sales team by completing the form below.

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