Drums for Development is committed to responsible exchange. We deal exclusively in high-quality and culturally unique handcrafts that cannot be sourced locally. A percentage of profits are reinvested in sustainable education and community solutions enacted by Centre Des Hommes, our partner organization in Togo, West Africa. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or comments about any of our merchandise. Enjoy free shipping on all items!


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We have developed a model of responsible exchange in which everyone wins.


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Locals Win

We buy sustainably-made handcrafts from an indigenous artist cooperative in Togo, West Africa, at their asking price.  

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You Win

You can feel good about purchasing unique and handmade Africa arts, unavailable in local markets. 

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The Future Wins

A portion of every purchased goes back to Africa, to support sustainable community development projects in the region.


Where does the art come from?


development projectsWhat began as a group of artists and musicians banding together and refusing to give up on living their dreams, Centre des Hommes is a grassroots artist collective gone nationally-recognized non-profiit community development organization, that funds community development through celebration of their traditional culture. 

When confronted with the immediate challenges of everyday life in Africa, there isn’t much time for making dreams come true. The group of artists and musicians who came together under the banner of Centre des Hommes, however, refused to give up. By working together, in mutual support and benefit, they overcame the daily challenges they faced and were able to build the lives they dreamed of. 


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Where exactly does the money go?


In addition to outright purchasing the artwork from Centre Des Hommes at their asking price (ensuring that their most pressing needs are meet), Drums for Development is committed to putting a percentage of our proceeds back into the community in Togo, West Africa, to support sustainable development projects. Some products we even treat as fundraisers, such as the InterraTreeLogo2recently released InTerraTree Benefit Album, with 100% of the proceeds donated to development projects in Centre Des Hommes hometown outside of Kpalime, Togo.

Now Drums for Development and Centre Des Hommes are teaming up to launch an exciting new project in Togo. InTerraTree will be an ecovillage and education center in Togo, West Africa creating a thriving model for sustainable community development through cross-cultural creativity and collaboration. It will be locally-owned and operated by Centre Des Hommes, ensuring that the needs of the local community are the priority.


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